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Hi Kasie,  I have been pretty active and healthy the majority of my life, I enjoy my time playing sports, my outdoor activities and working out in the gym and overall I am  happy with my strength, conditioning and the shape of my body. I  am not looking to make any drastic changes other than to drop a few stubborn last pounds and I realize this is best done by cleaning up my eating habits. I do have to say that I am so confused and would appreciate your advice.  I have had a conversation with a trainer and have done some of my own research online.  Both the conversation with the trainer and my own research has me feeling intimidated by the process as it was mentioned I need to weigh my food - the measurement of kilojoules was brought up. I was told to eat and not eat a certain times.  It seems like I am to seriously limit my food by eating mainly meats and veggies.  This is very frustrating and does not seem right to me! I don’t feel that losing a few pounds needs to be this much limitation to my life! Can you help me understand how I can drop a few pounds, without having to completely change up my already pretty healthy diet and lifestyle!


Kasie’s Answer:  

Thank you for your question, I can definitely understand your frustration!  You are absolutely right, losing the few last pounds does not need to feel so frustrating and overwhelming!  It sounds to me that you have a good understanding as to what is going to work for you in order to lose the desired weight; sometimes trusting your instincts is the best and right first step!  

With the many sources of information available to us via internet, it may feel like an overload of the wrong information for you and your needs! It is essential to be clear with yourself and have a full understanding as to what kind of realistic changes you are prepared to make in your daily routine before you do your research or seek out assistance from a fitness & health professional!  Once you are clear with the steps you are prepared to incorporate into your routine, you will find that it’s less frustrating to find the right changes for you. Weighing food and strictly limiting your foods other than veggies and meats may not be necessary at this point, or what you're interested in doing, but it very well could be the perfect results-oriented weight loss plan for someone else!  

For you specifically it sounds like adjusting your foods and speeding up your metabolism might just help you in losing those last few pounds. Here are a few things you can do to help you understand  where you can create healthier changes in regards to your eating habits and speeding up your metabolism:


1. Take a look at your daily eating habits: Grab a piece of paper and pen and log your typical day of eating, look at yesterday for example:  write down everything consumed from first thing in the morning to bedtime, including all meals, snacks and beverages….don’t miss out on anything!  

It's easy to see that those extra desserts, too many unhealthy snacks or perhaps the missed meals may just be the culprit to the the pounds you are wanting to shed.  Once you see the gaps in your regular meal plan, write down the things you can do to adjust your eating habits going forward!   In the beginning if logging your food is what helps you stay on track, continue to do so daily!  Understanding the connection to your meals and the role they play to nourishing and fueling your body will help you stay organized in you meal planning and creating/maintaining this routine for the long run!  


2. Speed up the metabolism:  It can be simple and easier than expected to get your metabolism fired up and assisting your body in burning calories!  Look at your regular meal plan and see how you can fit in healthy snacks every few hours - nuts, veggies, protein and fiber.  Portion sizes do matter!  Snack size is the key; eat small portions, we are not looking to fill up.. a handful of nuts, a small bag of cut up veggies will do the trick!  When it comes to mealtime, the plate does not need to be full! Ensure your meals are healthy, balanced and regular! Eating the right foods takes planning, organization and creativity!  Spend a little bit of extra time to plan out a grocery list that will benefit your meal planning, making the process easier! And search our the internet for fun, healthy and delicious meals and snacks!

Eating regular, healthy portion, controlled meals containing a mix of healthy fats, carbohydrates and proteins with a variety of vegetables and fruits is essential to delivering your body the essential components to a healthy and balanced diet.  It's difficult for me to suggest specifically which foods and portion sizes you should be consuming. Having the assistance of a dietician or nutritionist may be a great start to get you going!  

Each one of us has a unique metabolism, dietary habits and goals!  If you are able to clearly understanding your eating habits and maintain awareness around the consumption of your meals, you are one step ahead!  Creating change in your meal plan can be a simple step to create a healthier routine for optimal success!


If you have any questions, training enquiries connect with me directly at www.profilefitnesstraining.com or 250-859-2431.

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