Are your expectations unhealthy?

Expectations! We all have them, the question is how healthy are your expectations? Can or have they hurt you in the end?

I have received a handful of questions from readers over the past few months explaining their disappointments attached to the “not big enough” successes being achieved on their journey of accomplishing  lofty goals.  Upon noticing the link between each of the individual questions, I found myself curious as to what role high expectations for the self plays in all of these disappointments. After all.... am I wrong, but when small goals and mini successes are achieved, shouldn't we be happy with and proud of ourselves for our accomplishments no matter how big or small?

This has me questioning, when setting goals and creating a plan of action, how realistic are we being with ourselves?  Do we create our goals based on another individual's achievements or body types, perhaps the fitness models we see in the magazines, the skinny and undernourished fashion models that young girls view as a desirable body type or the strong and powerful athlete that has trained for many years to have the results of athleticism.  These individuals or role models may have a large percentage of us comparing our current state and idealizing them based on how their bodies look or perform. It's always motivational to have a role model to look up to (if they are healthy), but it's definitely not mentally, emotionally or physically healthy to set unrealistic goals for yourself to achieve someone else’s achievements or expect to change your body in a way that is not natural for your natural build.

The crazy thing about expectations for the self is that we have a tendency to ignore all of the great mini accomplishments we have achieved, each and every single one of those accomplishments are deserving of your recognition and a celebration, after all you worked hard to achieve it! Yet, somehow when we have such high expectations, nothing ever seems to be good enough, soon enough, lean enough or strong enough.  The negative mindset and energy surrounding your accomplishments takes over and can ruin the excitement of your hard work and the process!

Take a step back and notice if you fall under this category (in any areas of life)  and see how you can re-set your goals, let go of expectations and learn to embrace and honor the hard work and effort you are putting into making powerful changes in your life!  I promise the road to success will be much more rewarding and enjoyable if you kick your expectations to the curb!


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