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Question:  In the past month I have come to the full understanding that I am a yo-yo dieter!  I am shocked  that I am now just seeing it!  I have always believed that I was healthy and doing right for my body through the diets. The past 10 years has been a struggle for me to keep the weight off,  as at any time I can fluctuate between 10-12 pounds. Exercising is the last thing I want or have time to do!  I have always believed that reducing calories and  going on diets will help me to lose the weight.  I now fear that I have taught my daughter a very unhealthy lesson as she has witnessed how obsessed and addicted I have become to dieting for results.  I would really like to stay active for my growing kids and husband so I can partake in their activities and play time with them. Can you please give me some understanding of how I can see results other than short term diets so that I can be the mom and wife I want to be.


Answer: Thank you so much for your question!  I must say, I applaud you for recognizing that you're obsessive habit of yo-yo dieting is both physically and mentally unhealthy for you and your family. Your realization is the first major step to creating healthier and more balanced lifestyle changes….. diet free!  So please give yourself a huge pat on the back and be proud of your new understanding of your now old bad habit and and your desire for change!

Creating a new healthier future may seem like a big task at hand, especially when you feel like the next steps that should be taken are steps that you state you are not interested in…exercise!  But before we allow our minds to jump there, let's just pull it back for a moment. There are a few things that are necessary to fully understand and get your head wrapped around before you allow yourself to get fearful or intimidated of your upcoming lifestyle changes.

You had very clearly expressed some important key factors about what you would like to change:

  1. Your desire to be a positive role model to your daughter by protecting her from seeing the lows of the “diet” lifestyle.
  2. Your interest in being a participant in the active play time with your children and husband's life rather than standing on the side lines just watching!

These are fantastic and essential understandings that will help keep you motivated on your journey, however; I feel there is one very important thing missing!  YOU!  I ask you to dig deep and write down as many reasons as to why it is important for you to achieve a healthier lifestyle.  Think about what you want for your body, your confidence, your energy, your happiness, your peace within yourself;  you name it - get emotionally connected! See it, feel it, write it all down. Create more reasons for yourself to achieve the success that you desire!

Now that you may just have learned some new things about yourself and what you want to achieve out of your health, check out the following pieces of information that may give you a little bit more insight on creating a healthier change.


A negative side effect of dieting is a slowed metabolism!  This is the result of severely restricting the calories in which prevents our bodies from burning our fat stores. This is the cause of the body going into “starvation mode” in which the body  protects our fat stores and instead uses the lean tissue or muscles to provide it with some of the calories it needs to keep functioning.

Positive results of maintaining a regular meal plan is a faster metabolism!  Each time you eat, the enzymes in our body cells break down the food and turn it into energy! A fast metabolism means more calories burned - the more you burn the easier it is to lose the weight.  

So set yourself up for success and take the time to plan some healthier food choices for you and your family.  Incorporate nutritional small meals and healthy delicious snacks throughout the day so that you can confidently say that you are fuelling and nourishing your body! Why starve yourself when you and your body can enjoy the benefits of eating properly!


Negative side effect of dieting - your negative perception surrounding food!  When your view on food has you feeling the emotions of fear, anxiety or frustration, this can be looked at as an unhealthy perception.  You might find that your mental conditioning of food has you dreading the idea of eating carbohydrates or a nutritious meal and causing you the emotion of guilt when you are eating. If this is your case then it's time to look into how you can change your current understanding and thoughts of  food. Investing in a dietician to help you get on track might just be the best way of going about this!

Positive results of dieting- positive perception surrounding food! Your outlook on food will be of empowerment, recognizing that healthy meal choices has you fuelling and nourishing your body and giving you the control and power back in your life!  

There are many small elements surrounding and achieving living a healthy and balanced lifestyle physically and nutritionally.  Starting with the element of knowing what you want and being open to change, take note of your current perception of how you view eating, the diet lifestyle can easily cause some unhealthy understandings around food.  Understand that with your efforts of learning and patience you will see the desire you change in time!  The final and most important factor to me is that you will be the role model to your children by teaching them the importance of nutrition and proper dietary habits!  Be sure to invest in yourself in the scary time...the beginning of change! Your time with a nutritionist, wellness coach or personal trainer will have you making the proper changes and gaining momentum towards your healthier lifestyle!


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