Who have you inspired today?

I had taken the opportunity to sneak in a few minutes in between my clients today to take my dog for a quick walk and  along our way I came across a young family doing something so amazing! What I witnessed stopped me dead in my tracks in awe! Not only was I impressed with what I was seeing, I was very much inspired!  As I walked away it had me thinking…these parents had no way of knowing how much of a positive impact they had left on me and my day!   

As I walk past the park my attention gravitated to the sound of pure joy and laughter.  A typical fun family day at the park might look like a good play on the playground or kicking some balls around, however this family had me looking twice as I noticed that they had taken advantage of the park equipment in a whole other way…. a family circuit style workout!  Having witnessed these young kids participating and enjoying this workout and bonding time with their parents as they stepped up on benches, side shuffled, jump squatted and plank walked their way around that playground was a reminder to me and had me motivated to be even more active and creative in my active time with my daughter for later today!

As a Personal Trainer & Health and Wellness coach, I am a huge advocate for combining physical activity and fun for a family bonding afternoon!  Our children are so impressionable and we only have one chance!  If we can create a healthy routine in regards to activities and nutrition, we will be setting them up for nothing but future health and confidence. I admit, for me this is just as important as their education!

Today's family park workout inspiration is a reminder to me that we all have the amazing ability to inspire others, whether it be career, school, health, fitness, parenting and everyday kind gestures. Throughout our lives I am sure that each and every single one of us has inspired and made many differences to other's lives,  either knowingly or unknowingly, whether it be a loved one or a stranger passing by!  Keep your eyes open to your actions, see how you can and have made a difference!  


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