Have you abandoned your body?

Sometimes our minds are so blocked in regards to our physical capabilities.  This blockage comes from our own belief systems, perhaps a system that was created by a less than perfect past experience, fear of failure, fear of being judged, being compares by and to others, or simply just not giving yourself enough credit by assuming you wouldn't be able to do it! If we limit ourselves from something that yesterday seemed unfeasible, challenging or out of our comfort zone, then it is in the end that we deny ourselves the opportunity to experience and achieve the capabilities which could come naturally and with ease.

If you take the opportunity to "get real" with yourself in this moment and think about all of the belief systems around working out, sports and health that you have created over the years which kept you feeling "safe" by your actions of not trying something new or quitting when it felt tough. Some would consider this cheating yourself, however, I consider this to be far more serious - I call this abandoning your body. Yes, it does sounds harsh.. but to me it's the truth!

If you're sitting here reading this, and you realize that your lack of incorporation, yo-yo history of fitness or perhaps the routine that just has not managed to become a routine is the side effect of your negative belief systems, and you are ready to power up and get moving to bring health back into your body, I applaud you! Read back through my previous columns of: Mind body connection, Goal setting, Creating routines and Fueling your body to get you started!

One of the best things you can do is commit to yourself! Invest in a personal trainer to get you confident with your movements and to help you develop a routine. If personal training is not your thing, and you are looking for a commitment to your fitness, then check out my upcoming Train Like an Athlete, group training 8 week program! This program is for people who have worked out before and feel comfortable doing the basic primal movement exercises.. squats, pushes, pulls, lunges and can connect to the core. Limited spots are available, register to confirm your spot at [email protected]

If you like the idea of group training and have a group of friends or coworkers who would like to create your own small group training program, call me 250-859-2431 to inquire!

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Fitness has been a passion and way of life for Kasie for over 14 years, six of those years she has dedicated to training and educating her clients and group fitness classes. Kasie strives to transform lives and bring awareness to those on the realistic, simplistic and effective keys to living and maintaining lifelong health and fitness success.  Kasie is known for her tough, yet realistic approach and has been apart of transforming many lives.  Kasie is so blessed to be able to make her dreams become her reality and help others set, reach and surpass their desired goals.


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