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I am so frustrated with how challenging the process has been to continue with achieving my New Year's resolution, of staying active and eating healthy.  I feel like a failure! I have not been enjoying the process, I don't want to give up on my hard work over the last few months, but to be brutally honest...it just seems sooooo much easier to not worry about my health. I remember being happier when I didn't have any pressure of change. I am starting to think that I will never achieve a healthier life! I just don't know what to do anymore, Please help me!


Kasie's Answer:

I appreciate your honesty regarding the frustration and challenges you have faced in achieving your New Year's resolution, please allow me to start off by saying, just because it has been difficult in the past... does not mean it's always going to be that way! Allow yourself to let go of all the pressure and frustration that you have held onto regarding the current incorporation of lifestyle changes. Take a big sigh of relief! Because from this point on, you will find out that change does not need to be so hard! If you can build a strong foundation for future health and wellness changes... you can create the change successfully!   Answer these questions for yourself to see if you need to change your mindset or create a stronger foundation for you!


Question #1: Do you want to be a 2014 statistic of New Year's Resolutions, or do you prefer to create your own path to wellness and health, on YOUR terms?


Question #2: Have you taken the time to be detailed and precisely clear with yourself as to what it is that you desire to achieve on your journey of change? Or, did you just select the wide open goal of "being healthy and active for 2014."

If you were not crystal clear on what it was that you were working so hard for on your last go around, then take some time to think about what exactly it is that you desire to change. Get connected to the ideal life you want for yourself! Once you have a clear vision of the positive changes you desire, take the next step to write down your goals (check back through my other columns regarding goal setting). Create your goal road map and your reward systems before moving on!


Question# 3: Your actions and efforts are what create your future successes! Are you truly ready to create the change you desire to live and be?

If you are ready, then now is the time to get rid of the bad memories and frustration associated with the your last efforts of making lifestyle changes. Allow for this fresh start to have positive attachments... not negative memories.

Embrace a difference in your routine! I know that we all like to stay in our safety zone with activities and comfort foods, but by putting action and effort into taking the time to weigh out smarter food and shopping choices as well as throwing yourself into new activities such as the gym, joining a running group or team sports. You will soon find that these scary changes have morphed into your new enjoyable positive and healthy routine (that is if they match your goals)!  If you find that you still don't enjoy the process, take a look back to your goals! If your goal is to have buns of steel and toned abs, but you don't like the gym... or working out, you might want to take a closer look at the lifestyle that you really do want.    


Question #4: Do you really want to succeed?

Yes, I said it! This is a biggy.. ask yourself this question again. "Do I really want to succeed?" I have seen and heard it all, for some, we may think that we want the positive lifestyle changes, confidence and better health as the reward, however we might just have the life partner, friends or family who may not want the same for themselves or you! For some, the conversation, drama, sympathy and attention of our efforts might just be the current attention we desire, not the actual outcome! This is either due to fear of change, fear of losing loved ones or self sabotage! So ask yourself again "Do I want to succeed" "Do I want these changes?" If you said YES, write down all the reasons these changes are so important to you.. get emotionally connected to each and every one of these reasons! If you happen to notice fears around others in your life not wanting these changes for you... ask yourself what is most important in your life for you!


If you can connect and plug into you and your desires for change, you will likely not look at this journey as a frustration or challenge. These simple questions to ask will provide you with a solid foundation of emotional and mental prepping for the exciting lifestyle changes ahead. Once your reasons and goals are set in stone the next steps in regards to proper nutrition and fitness plans should fall into place with effort and guidance.  If your foundation has not been set the nutrition and fitness process will seem overwhelming and frustrating in time! Create your future goals with your head and heart in the game and you will be well on your path to making a life change for good!


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