Cougar gets deer on camera

A rarely-photographed event — a cougar pouncing a deer in the backcountry — is garnering attention online.

Ryan Headlee was driving on Tranquille - Criss Creek Road north of Kamloops on Saturday when he witnessed natural selection at its purest.

He said he was on his way back from hunting and driving towards town, when he first saw six deer on the side of the road.

"I got pretty close in the truck and was just checking them out when, all of a sudden, this mountain lion jumps out of the bush next to me with a loud snarl, and takes down a doe, throwing her to the road," Headlee wrote on a Facebook post.

Headlee quickly took out his cellphone to capture the event, and soon the cougar was dragging its catch off the road.

"I watched the deer expire and I locked eyes with the cougar for a few minutes until a passing car scared him off."

He commented as well on the explosive power of the cougar.

"This is life in B.C," Headlee said.

"I’ll still be telling this story in 30 years to my grand-babies."

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