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Part of my job as a Realtor® is to educate my buyers and sellers on the impact of renovations to their home. Even if your home is not currently on the market, the possibility that you will sell in the future is likely. Making smart, informed decisions on what improvements and changes to make to your property can greatly affect its market value—and how quickly it will sell. I’d like to share with all of you a few simple, yet important pointers to help you in your decision of where to spend your renovation budget.

As a homeowner and future seller, think about your home as if you were the future buyer.

First, invest your time and money on the aspects of the property that hook and bait. Your home’s curb appeal offers the first impression to potential buyers, and making a few simple changes can have a dramatic effect. Easy-to-maintain gardens and potted plants add charm and ambiance, while at the same time are typically as simple as a weekend “do-it-yourself” project, however, remember to keep it simple. Excessive or overly ostentatious landscaping can deter many potential buyers plus you will see a negative return on your investment.

Secondly, think about where the average family spends most of their time. The kitchen is the heart and hub of every home. Making tasteful renovations to your kitchen’s finishes and appliances can offer one of the highest returns on investment (approximately 44% on average) when compared to most other home improvements*. Similarly, updating a bathroom can add modernity and sophistication to an otherwise traditional home, while at the same time offering an enticing 56% higher average return on investment*.

Finally, simple all over changes to a home can be greatly beneficial when done thoughtfully. Refinishing or changing flooring is a good choice that can offer a 22% greater return on investment *, however consider your market when deciding how much to spend on these changes. An inexpensive overall improvement is paint colors. Choosing an attractive, neutral paint scheme is your best choice for resale.

When deciding which updates and renovations your home would most benefit from, think of renovations as an investment in your home; choose practical investments such as a kitchen or bathroom remodel, and avoid more extreme and expensive updates like a pool installation, unless you plan to live there for years and years.

As you embark on future home renovations and improvements, I hope my tidbit of guidance can help you to decide which changes are best for your family and home. Never hesitate to contact me directly for complimentary information on ideas that may improve your home’s value in today’s highly competitive market.

* Information from RE/MAX Smart Renovator Guide



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