Cold, hard facts: Part 3

As mentioned in Parts 1 and 2, if you currently have your home on the market or are considering doing so, you will want to take heed of the preceding 10 truths as well the final five in this article – all of the cold, hard facts about selling your Okanagan home.


1.  You will need to cooperate when it comes time for the sale of your home. If you try to have everything your way in every offer, it will never work out. Do not fight the new owner over every little thing. We are looking for a win-win negotiation and you can only achieve that through a little give and take. It will go a long way and make for a smooth closing and sale.

2.  It is important to remember than when the possession date and time is set, that is your move out date. Trying to renegotiate those dates a week or less prior to completion of the transaction may results in great disappointment to you. Legally you must be packed and out before this date, and always leave a clean home for the buyers to move into. No one wants to move into someone else’s dirt, nor should they have to.

3.  Be sure that your real estate salesperson is pre-screening buyers before showing your home. This will save everyone a lot of headaches and a ton of your time that you don’t need to spend cleaning. If they cannot afford your asking price, then they should not be viewing your home.

4.  Realtor.ca alone will not sell your home. And if it does, certainly not for the most amount of money. If a website alone could sell your home, then 100% of the homes would be selling. However in the North Okanagan in most any given month, no more than 10% of the inventory sells. Enough said.

5.  Cooperation is king. Your Realtor® needs to cooperate with other Realtors® to sell your home for the most amount of money in the least amount of time. It’s those other Realtors® who are working with the majority of the buyers out there. Choose a representative who other salespeople want to work with – not someone who is an Island. Remember that Realtors® are commission based salespeople who you, and your representative, need to motivate, financially or otherwise, to bring their buyers to your home. Please refer back to point #4.


Do not gamble with the sale of your home. Take the time to read these truths about selling your home and take them to heart. If you follow them, you will have a more pleasant experience and may even sell your home faster than expected.

For more information, please contact the Salt Fowler Team at RE/MAX Vernon at 250-549-SALT (7258).

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Lisa Salt is a Vernon born Realtor® who, along with her husband Gord Fowler from Calgary, lead one of the most successful and dynamic real estate teams in the North Okanagan. 

An international clay target shooting champion, Lisa brought the attributes of hard work and diligent focus to the real estate industry to create the success she and her team have today. 

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