Cold, hard facts

If you have considered selling your home or already have your home on the market, there are five main cold, hard facts you need to know. Selling your home can be a very stressful situation and without some good information, you may make some huge mistakes that could cost you thousands. Below are the truths you need to know, whether you want to know them or not, about selling your home:


1.  It is critical that you and your Realtor understand the local real estate market, especially the local trends in your neighbourhood. If your Realtor doesn’t know the market – find a different Realtor. What inventory is moving? What isn’t? It’s imperative your Realtor be immersed in the market daily to feel which way the market is moving. Part time doesn’t cut it when marketing your largest asset.

2.  Selling a home is very inconvenient. You will need to take time to get the home ready for sale. You will need to pack up your extra and personal items. And you will mostly definitely be interrupted by visiting buyers and their Realtors who often show up late, or worse, not at all and forget to call and cancel. Accept that life as you know it is temporarily over and you will be less stressed in the long run.

3.  A clean, uncluttered home is more attractive to buyers. If you properly stage your home, ultimately you will net more money in your pocket. Spend the necessary time to clean your entire home top to bottom – it has to sparkle - as well as declutter. Remove all unnecessary items. Pack them up, stack the boxes in the garage or spend a few bucks and rent a storage locker temporarily. Buyers want to see the home, not the “stuff” you have in it.

4.  Price it right from the start. Most buyers are looking at new listings as they become available and you want to draw their attention immediately. When you price it right from the beginning you will have buyers knocking down your door, price it too high and you lose your opportunity to attract the most excited buyers. You literally only have one chance to make a great first impression. Once the first 30 days is gone, so is the excitement around your new listing. It’s now old news and your home blends into the background.

5.  An experienced real estate agent is key in the selling process. Be sure that you hire a skilled and trusted Realtor from the start. The company they work for matters. Their website matters. Their connections in the local and the target buyers’ market matters. Global exposure matters. Everything counts!  A true professional will make the process so much easier and more lucrative for you in the long run.


For more information, please contact the Salt Fowler Team at RE/MAX Vernon at 250-549-SALT (7258).

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Lisa Salt is a Vernon born Realtor® who, along with her husband Gord Fowler from Calgary, lead one of the most successful and dynamic real estate teams in the North Okanagan. 

An international clay target shooting champion, Lisa brought the attributes of hard work and diligent focus to the real estate industry to create the success she and her team have today. 

To experience the local knowledge and expertise that only someone born and raised in the Okanagan can offer, call Lisa today and 'Just Add Salt'.

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