Spring home selling tips

Have you been struggling to sell your home in the Okanagan Valley? Perhaps you decided during the winter months to put your Kelowna or Vernon, BC real estate on the market this spring. No matter how or when you came to your decision, there are some important things to consider if your home will be on the market this spring.

Home buyers and sellers alike are typically more active in the spring. April, May and June are normally the best times to see the most sales of homes in the Okanagan Valley area. If you have had your Kelowna or Vernon waterfront home on the market for an extended period of time, you might consider taking it off the market for a few weeks and then relisting for the spring showing. Here are a few other selling tips you may wish to consider when selling your Okanagan real estate:


1.  Clean-up – after the winter months have passed, it is important to clean-up around your home. Vernon real estate will seem more inviting when your windows sparkle and reflect the sunshine. In addition, cleaning out the dead leaves and debris in your yard will also make your home seem more inviting. Trim up the vegetation, clear all walking paths to the entrances, wash the outside windows and showcase the exterior of your Okanagan Valley home.

2.  Fresh – spring encapsulates bright colors and fresh smells. Consider sending your window coverings to the cleaners so they have a fresh spring smell. You may also wish to consider changing your window coverings to a lighter color. Adding fresh cut flowers throughout your home during a showing will also give the allure of a bright and happy home. And, do not be afraid to show some spring colors throughout your Vernon waterfront home – pinks, blues, yellows, and lavenders, are not only fashionable but portray spring.

3.  Convenience – often the spring weather can be unpredictable in the Okanagan and particularly in Vernon, BC. It is a great idea to have an outside mat for shoes during the days you have your home on display. In addition, you may wish to have a patio set, including an umbrella at the entrance. This will offer some protection against sun and rain for your viewers.


While spring time is a great time for buying and selling a home in the Okanagan Valley, it is recommended that you clear the dead winter blues from your Kelowna or Vernon, BC real estate and make it seem more inviting. Allowing the sunlight to enhance and highlight your home is a great way to showcase certain areas. Spring is often thought of as a reawakening of vegetation with the plentiful sunshine – it is time to reawaken your home too.

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