Top home staging tips: Part 2

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Preparing your home to be as presentable as possible is one of the most important roles you as the homeowner play in your home sale. By following these next five tips, you can ensure your home sells for the most amount of money in the least amount of time.


1. Kitchen Cleanliness - Clean, clean, clean, that kitchen like you’ve never cleaned before! This is the first place the female will look. And if the female isn’t happy – guess what? They aren’t buying the house! If need be, hire a professional cleaning company to get at all the little nooks and crannies, down to the last detail. Technically this should apply to the entire house, however start in the kitchen as it is by far the most important. 


2. Bathroom Fix-Ups - Small things can make a huge difference in the bathroom, the second most important room in the house next to the kitchen. A cheap mirror can be replaced with a pretty framed mirror for under $100. For a little more, how about a nice antique or higher-end model from a housewares boutique. Switch out the lighting for a some attractive new vanity lights and the bathroom will look as if it's been renovated. And whatever you do – don’t skimp on the light bulbs! This is not the room for the fluorescent twirly lights. Pay the price and buy the LEDs or just use the taboo incandescents, but make sure the lights come on – and bright – right away. No burnt out bulbs or bulbs covered with dust allowed!

3. Get a chic look - Think newer hotels. Replace bathroom towel bars with well-designed ones from a designer boutique or even Home Depot. Matched ensembles such as toilet tissue holder, wastebasket, trays, etc. look fabulous! Crisp white towels neatly stacked in a towel holder, small trays on the vanity holding attractive toiletries or soaps (wrapped or unused) and scented candles. 

4. Keep clutter to a minimum - This speaks for itself – get rid of extra stuff or pack it neatly in boxes in the garage or basement. It makes a huge difference to the appearance of your home.

5. Master Bedroom - Again, think the luxury hotel look in the master. Multiple new pillows with shams or toss pillows in front, crisp white linens and a throw at the end of the bed. Keep end tables uncluttered, with matching lamps and nothing else.

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