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John Thomson's I Didn't Know That!

We had a good laugh with NBC’s Emmy Award winning “Saturday Night Live” cast this past week as they tackled the “politically correct” Christmas on their two hour NBC Special.  They did a whole group of politically correct Christmas carols, as only they can do.  It was very funny stuff.

What is all this fuss about a politically correct Christmas? 

Look at the people and corporations that have buckled under already and refer to only “the holidays”.  That big tree in front of NBC at Rockefeller Centre is now a holiday tree, as is the large tree in the City Hall Square in Toronto.

Call it what you will, it’s still a Christmas tree.

It seems this politically correct group now tries to ruin every holiday. Three that come to mind immediately are Halloween, Thanksgiving, and of course, Christmas.

If we gave into them, what would the holiday season be like?  Would we sing?  What gifts would we give?  How would we decorate?  How about those great Christmas television shows that we’ve watched for years? I still watch Andy Williams Christmas show on PBS with his brothers and the Osmond boys.

Here are all the things I was thinking about as I thought about a politically correct Christmas:

  • The Christmas tree with Christmas lights and decorations.
  • The angel in the star on top of the tree.  We have had our angel for fifty some years.
  • Christmas cake, Christmas pudding, Christmas crackers and those dumb hats we all must wear because Grandma said so.
  • Christmas oranges. 

I suppose we were also politically incorrect in what we called them not that many years ago.  I don’t want a politically correct holiday.

Whatever happened to tinsel?  It took hours to place it all on the tree and then there were those days when we got frustrated and tossed what was left at the tree.  The lady in charge didn’t like that move!

I want it to be Christmas. We can’t give in to them. It’s our tradition to celebrate the birth of Christ.  Jesus is the reason for the season. For most Canadians, this is a time of celebration.  Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.

Webster, in the big book of everything, defines Christmas as a Christian feast that commemorates the birth of Christ and is usually observed by a legal holiday.

For most, Christmas is a time of hope.

This past month I saw, for the 46th year, the TV special, “A Charlie Brown Christmas.”  That’s right - 46 years ago Charlie Brown first described the commercialization of Christmas.  Forty-six years ago he placed a red ball on his sorry Christmas tree and lamented, “I’ve killed it!” I never miss Charlie Brown’s Christmas. Oh well!

No one disputes the fact that there are those who do not celebrate Christmas.  They celebrate other holidays or no holidays at all. Our Jewish, East Indian, Chinese and Ukrainian friends celebrate their religious holidays and we have no problem with that.

Leave Christmas alone.  It’s for families and their kids to have a marvelous time and I love it.

Merry Christmas to all.  Enjoy your family and friends.  Give or get a big hug and kiss under the Christmas mistletoe.

“Yes Virginia, there is a Santa Claus.” 

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