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There has been a change in retail sales in Kelowna as the Robertson brothers Ron & Grant have sold their business on Pandosy St., Robertson’s  Clothing & Shoes. Todd and Brenda Booker have taken over ownership this week.

I have known so many people that shopped at Robertson’s over the years for work clothing and boots. But it was always a store with a solid reputation for quality of the product they sold these many years. A respected name in retail in this city.


I got an email this week asking me if I had heard that Cabela’s the world’s foremost outfitter is coming to the Westside.  I hadn’t heard that name mentioned but I am sitting on rumour that says a sporting goods company is looking at a location and the developer is prepared to make some changes to accommodate.

For years I received catalogs from Cabela’s and never knew why because I am not a fisherman. This retailer has amazing stores and has locations with that trademark log cabin fronts with stone and wood siding in Edmonton, Saskatoon and Winnipeg. There is another planned for Regina this fall or next spring. Their smallest stores are 41,000 sq.ft

I don’t know what their plans are for B.C.  Their main competitor is the Bass Pro Shops and they have stores in Calgary and Vaughn Mills Ontario.

We’ll wait and see.


The U.S. media are eating up the story of Canadians actually coming to the states to buy milk and other things. U.S.A. Today, the national newspaper, ran a story in their business section last week using Stats Canada information on how many Canadians cross the border to shop every week.

It is front and centre because of the incidents in Bellingham, Washington about the American shoppers wanted special days and times when they could shop without Canadians taking all the milk. CNN covered it and it was probably the only Canadian story that the Wolf Man covered on CNN since Ottawa cancelled the penny.


My sources are telling me that Worman Construction has bought the Pheasant & Quail Pub and that the company also owns property behind the pub. They have plans to develop something on that site in the future.

Now we know that Randy Prost is also a partner in the new liquor store across the street in the Save-On-Foods Plaza. It is a beautiful store. Haven’t seen Randy since days as manager of the Kelowna Yacht Club. Remember back when Randy ran the pub cross the street called Luigi’s where the Prospera Credit Union now sits.


Don Turri contacted me after my last column regarding the money collected during the Kelowna Fire in 2003. His company, Mackay.ca accountants to the stars, did the final audit on the Kelowna Fire Recovery Society and everything was as it should be.

Those charities did their things and made it work I wasn’t thinking of them. I meant the big charities that made a lot of money on that collection from people wanting to help people in Kelowna.


Is  Dyck’s  Pharmacy about to open their fifth store in the new Kelowna General Hospital?


There is a new scam making the rounds and this scam uses newspaper want ads to gather the information. Someone is phishing for any information they can get.

To: "[email protected]"
Sent: Tuesday, August 21, 2012 2:34 PM
Subject: $600 / 1br - 700ft² - Nice clean fully furnished condo (Kelowna)

Very interested in this condo! I am a currently the Building Services Manager at a large retirement complex. I previously sent an email and would love an opportunity to view the unit.



From:Wilson Victoria [mailto:[email protected]]
Sent: Wednesday, August 22, 2012 9:39 AM

Subject: Re: $600 / 1br - 700ft & sup2; - Nice clean fully furnished condo (Kelowna)

Hi There!!!

    I got your email & I can see you are interested in the AD I posted; I am currently in LONDON where I work as a volunteer with THE MISSIONARY BLOGS. I spent less time in the country so I couldn't get a hold on any Realtor to handle this rent issue, although it was when I knew how long we are going to stay in LONDON that I decided to rent out my property for either Long or Short term lease, Furnished , Semi-Furnished or UN-furnished, because there is a storage room where you can keep my belongings which you wouldn't be using.

  However, the initial plan was to sell, which I tried, but sometimes the agents inflates the price and it takes longer to sell I am telling you this in case if you find the house on another website, that is the old advert right now ,I need someone to take care of it while am away. I have received so many proposals regarding this rent due to its location in a very nice area & quiet neighborhood, but I still have to make sure it is rented out to someone who can take good care of it. It includes facilities such as water Air Conditioning ,Dishwasher, Fireplace, Garage, Washer & Dryer, Yard , heat laundry facilities, air condition, internet, telephone access, car park and other necessary facilities, also comes with trash collection, pets are allowed as well as long as they are not destructive So if you know you are capable of the task please fill out the form below

 ===========  RENT APPLICATION FORM  ============

CONTACT -                           HOME PHONE
                                               CELL PHONE

Thanks & looking forward to hearing from you


Be careful on this one because there is no contact from the supposed owner. He wants you to supply the info. It also looks like he was trying to scam an American with the info he asked for.


I got this one in an Email with an official bank looking Bank Logo on the page although I have never heard of NatWest Bank. Again it’s a phishing expedition.

Dear Customer,

It has come to our notice that your account profile has not been validated since we upgraded our server.

To avoid account suspension, kindly log on to our website below to validate your profile.


We are sorry for any inconvenience this may cause.

Thanks for choosing us.

Thank you
NatWest Bank



The last word I have heard of the present Zellers store on the Westside is that it will stay open until after Christmas. This store and Penticton were both left of the Target Canada lists when they were picking the store they wanted remodeled. Penticton has already become a Real Canadian Super Store. I don’t know what the plans are for Zellers on the Westside. I believe the building is owned by Winnipeg investors.


This one came in after last weeks column:

Hi John,

I love the notes because that is my system as well. If I don't write it down when I'm thinking about it it's gone. My only problem is keeping track of all the notes.
Yes I do always wonder where all of the money that gets donated to these various charities goes to and just exactly what it is used for.
I think they should have to disclose what ever cent is used for.
When I am solicited for donations from charitable organizations my first questions is how much of my donation will go to the cause and how much will go to administration.
If more than 10% is going to administration I'm out.
I remember a few years back they used to come to the door selling package that had somewhere in the range of $2000 in discount coupons (that we never used) and they were $50.00 for the package.
I bought it several years in a row. Then I decided one year to ask how much of the $50 was going to the charity and was annoyed to find out only $5.00 of the $50 actually went to the Charity. What a scam!


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