John Thomson  

In memory of Angus MacKenzie

I received a call from Dick Munn on Sunday to tell me that his friend and partner for many years in Gallagher’s Canyon Golf Resort had passed away
while on a British Airways flight to England on the weekend.

Dick and Angus MacKenzie became friends many years ago when Dick was just starting in the golf business and the Alberta oilman suggested to Munn that it was time to find a golf project they could be in together. They looked at three projects - what is now the Cordova Bay Golf Club in Victoria and an ongoing project that was finally named the Tsawwassen Golf Club. They didn’t work out and finally in 1979 Dick found the unfinished golf course in Kelowna and it was perfect for the project they were looking for and would become one of Canada’s great golf courses, Gallagher’s Canyon Golf Resort.

He was well known to Kelowna golfers and to the business community with such success in many places around the world in the oil and gas business. The 93-year-old entrepreneur as described by his friend James Palmer Q.C. that the secret to Mr. Mackenzie’s negotiating savvy was the fact that he “always made sure there was enough left on the table for the other guy.”

He will be missed.

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