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Center of Gravity takes place August 2nd & 3rd in Kelowna.  This and more in John Thomson's 'Here and there'. (Photo: Center of Gravity website)
Center of Gravity takes place August 2nd & 3rd in Kelowna. This and more in John Thomson's 'Here and there'. (Photo: Center of Gravity website)

Here and there

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There is a big event planned for the August holiday weekend at City Park.
It is Center of Gravity presented by Corona Extra. It is the biggest action sports festival in the Okanagan Valley.

The festival includes two world-class sporting events in Kelowna's City Park, August 2nd and 3rd. Volleyfest, which had its successful inauguration in 2007, will feature the best of the best in beach volleyball at Coronaville Stadium. On the other side of the park the Dirt Zone will showcase some world-class freestyle mountain bikers going for big air and sick tricks in the Flirt'n with Dirt Comp. This will be complimented by the Flow Show, which is one of biggest traveling trials mountain bike shows in the world.

The Center of Gravity agenda is packed with attractions for all ages including the Crocs DJs, Beverage Gardens, Fashion Shows, the Nintendo Entertainment Zone, and an Exhibitors' Village. Coronaville will also host the Saturday evening concert featuring Vince Vaccaro, Hey Ocean and Hayley Sales, which are set to kick-off after the Swimwear Comp presented by Surf Culture Clothing.

Tickets are $25 for the two-day event or $15 a day and the ground are open from 9am till 9pm.


Located at the southern end of Vancouver Island, the City of Langford is a growing community of over 25,000 and the city is tired of graffiti. The citizens are unhappy with the way courts handle the sentences for these crimes and all the damage that is being done so they are planning civil lawsuits. The courts in the province generally hand out conditional discharge sentences on graffiti convictions.

I like this one. Langford has decided to file a civil suit that will seek damages in excess of $25,000 from a local family whose son has pleaded guilty to a lot of charges of painting the insane work on public property.
Langford told the courts the cost to the city is well past the $100,000 mark yearly.

They want to restrain this person forever from doing it again the city wants the cost of clean up. The parents must make every effort to stop their son from further acts of vandalism.

Could we learn from this move by the City of Langford?


I drink a lot of fresh orange juice because I always thought it was healthy. Now they are trying to tell me that there is too much sugar and I should quit. My drink of choice is Tropicana pure and fresh and not from concentrate.

It is an expensive drink since the storms of three years ago when the crops in Florida were ruined by the weather. But, the new crops are in although they are still probably bringing fresh juice in from Brazil or somewhere else. It is difficult to know exactly what this juice costs because in any given week both Wal-Mart and SuperStore have one or other of their containers on sale.

Pepsi owns the brand. The price difference between stores can be as much as $2 an item. The company has introduced a new smaller package and the price hasn’t changed so, like most of the giant food companies today, they have decreased the size of the container and not changed the price. That spells profit.

When you go to your favorite store today you will find on their shelves their own brand of pure orange juice in plain and more pulp. Their prices are at least $2 lower. So we should be buying SuperStore, Wal-Mart and Jimmy Juice from Save-On-Foods and Coopers Foods.


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Steve Nash, Canada’s favorite basketball star in NBA, wants to make movies and he is about to make a film about Terry Fox. Nash told the media that Fox had been an inspiration to him throughout his own life.

I don’t ever remember the Victoria native talking about his interest in the film industry. Maybe we can talk the Canadian star into doing some of his work on the project here in the valley.

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