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As I drove down to Oroville yesterday, my business partner and I reflected on some of the most exciting experiences we have had in our lives.
We have both worked tirelessly in our lives in business and at the same time have traveled and had the privilege to experience some things that perhaps other people have not (yet). But the discussion struck a distinct chord with me as I was forced to put a few choices at the top.
Maybe the discussion was precipitated by the fact that we had some news of a friend who is about the enter in to a battle to overcome a challenging health situation. Then again, perhaps it was simply the fact that we were heading to Oroville in the US to have our fingerprints collected to commence another exciting adventure in our lives.
In a few weeks we are off to the US to commence flight training in order to ultimately challenge a new aviation world record and also to start a new business venture. 
On the way home we found ourselves chatting about the top three experiences that really stand out in our lives. As a Canadian Adventurer I naturally had a few thrilling moments that rise to the top of the pile when it comes to experiences. Andre on the other hand is a certified Family Office Manager and Alternative Investment Strategist. As a result, his experiences revolve a little more around business, but there are places he has been to and activities he has done as a result of his travels that round out his list. 
Regardless, what we did acknowledge is that over the next few years, traveling, running businesses and doing the occasional adventure, that list will change.
Collecting experiences throughout life is to fundamentally important. Having something to look forward to, gives me energy. Having something to look back on inspires others.
At the end of the day, the toys we collect mean very little, the experiences that we collect define who we are and mean more to us since those experiences are often shared. The relationships we build along the way are the most important of all since they are what truly shape our lives in whatever exciting journey we are on.
Here is to your next adventure and the improved health of our friend.

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