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Many of you may have seen an infographic that has become quite popular in the multitude of social media circles we all travel in.

The 2% Mindset is a visual designed by whoisCH!CK.com and gives a great perspective on what separates 2% of the population from the majority that live in the comfort zone.

I can speak from experience that when you make a choice to grow and create change in your life and business, becoming part of the 2% is where you will want to stay forever.

Becoming comfortable living outside of the comfort zone will start to create a much more exciting abundant life for you and those around you. Living outside the comfort zone when applied to business will re-energize, stimulate and inspire new business growth and well being within your company.

I have seen firsthand the positive results over and over again when business owners living in the 98% have let go of playing it safe, stopped living in fear, stopped procrastinating, refused settling for less and stopped being like everyone else.

Being in the 2% minority rocks! The moment you allow yourself to explore new things in your business and act in spite of your fear, positive change will occur. You, your staff and your clients deserve the very best. Happiness, excitement and fulfillment is what business ownership is all about. If you don’t feel that way, trust me, the sooner you become part of the 2% minority, the better.

Enjoy the infographic attached, get out of your comfort zone, you never know, it just may change your life and business.


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