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Three last-minute RRSP tips

Time is running out to make your RRSP contribution and take advantage of a tax deduction for 2013. With the March 3, 2014 deadline fast approaching, here are three last-minute tips to consider:

1. Find an advisor **

Chasing returns or the next big thing can only lead to disappointment. Guidance from an experienced investment advisor will take emotion out of the mix and help you meet your financial goals.

2. Contribute now

Don’t worry about how to invest your RRSP contribution. Temporarily park your contribution in a money market fund today and re-balance your portfolio tomorrow.

3. Diversify, diversify, diversify

Canada’s equity market represents only about five per cent of the world’s entire stock market. It makes sense to diversify your portfolio and invest in global markets. Consider different asset classes too to limit risk. 


**If you need further information on this or for a referral to a financial planner please call 250 862 1806 or email [email protected].

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Laurie Baird is a Mortgage Broker with Verico Complete Mortgage Services. She has been in the mortgage business for 17 years starting as a lender with Royal Trust. She later worked at the Royal Bank as a Mortgage Consultant and 11 years ago became a Mortgage Broker. As a Mortgage Broker she is able to match her clients' needs with a lender who will provide them with competitive rates and products. Laurie has a Bachelor of Education degree from UBC.

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