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Are you having a hard time selling your home right now?  Could your home use some updates which you can’t afford to do right now?  Are potential buyers unable to see the potential of your home with a little customization to their liking?

If you answered yes to any of these questions then you could really use the Canadian Home Renovation Program.  The CHRP will pre-approve your home for a renovation loan for 10% of the listing price to a maximum of $40,000.  This marketing program is all done for your realtor so they will be receptive to it.  The CHRP program details will be on the listing sheet with all the information for potential buyers about cost and how the program works.  The CHRP program even comes with an assigned text number so buyers can quickly get details about your home and the program.  Right from their smartphones they can order a full report providing them with all the details of the program.  The CHRP program also provides a website address for your property so that those who don’t have a smartphone or texting can also receive the free report.

Another cool marketing piece that is provided with the program is a set of  cards which can be placed up in strategic areas of your home to remind buyers of how they can personalize your home to their tastes.  For example there may be a card which shows a $12,000 bathroom renovation and it shows a modern bathroom and the increased payment on the mortgage of only $54.66 per month based on today’s mortgage rates.  If they wanted new flooring which may cost $5000 this only adds another $22.78 per month.  Research tells us that most buyers struggle to come up with their down payment and it may take up to five years before they can refinance their home under today’s mortgage rules to get the money.  This is a cheaper easier way to finance renovations than using a line of credit or credit cards.


If you would like more information on the Canadian Home Renovation Program to help your home sell more quickly or if you would like to be pre-approved for the CHRP program on the home you are buying please call me at 250 862 1806 or email [email protected]

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