Horoscope: February 3 - 9

Faith is deepened by kind words or gestures in the right direction; there is always room for hope. Let this carry over into business and the work place as a boost is needed there as well. Put aside issues or illusionary pursuits that don't need immediate attention; its time to prioritize. Intuition is a guide when making choices. Some seek more freedom by midweek so don't burn bridges behind you; they may need to be crossed again later. Secrets or confidential matters are in focus and need fast, decisive action by the weekend on a domestic or global scale. Stay calm if possible.

  • Aries - You pull strings behind the scenes, but others may not agree with what you want to do.
  • Taurus - Meet with others face to face so all cards are on the table. Circumstances are altered.
  • Gemini - You bring about change for yourself or others. Side step controversy and controllers.
  • Cancer - Matters over distance need your attention. Decide locations for yourself or others now.
  • Leo - Check your past or present support base. Don't go out on a limb without proper funding.
  • Virgo - Confidential talks or meetings have an effect on future plans and directions. Negotiate.
  • Libra - Communications near or far influence your future plans connected to others or mate.
  • Scorpio - Entertainment at home or office can be fun or life changing with some relationships.
  • Sagittarius - Secret information captures your attention. Follow details to a positive conclusion.
  • Capricorn - Your words spoken in confidence will have an effect. Consider other's reactions.
  • Aquarius - Private financial arrangements work for you and those involved. Share some data.
  • Pisces - Your words have a hypnotic affect on those having trouble making decisions. It works.

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