Horoscope: December 2 - 8

Reach across the aisle or borders to achieve goals that interest both sides; it's hard to advance under present conditions. Bring in outside help or someone respected to lead. Be realistic about the costs. Follow formalities. Make sure communications are clear and responsibilities decided. Avoid over-reacting causing loss of face. Have discussions behind closed doors until a viable plan is in place; some are suspicious of deals. Push business and production ahead Thursday as planetary conditions are favourable. Navigate around obstacles. Positions change or are eliminated. Relax.

  • Aries - Handle important matters over distance even if you can't be there in person. It works out.
  • Taurus - Soft-peddle your approach to any agreements with powerful individuals. Egos act up.
  • Gemini - Share some of the load or responsibility with others. You need to be more mobile now.
  • Cancer - Private talks or arrangements affect your status or future position. Negotiate to gain.
  • Leo - Others rely on your word or expertise to pull things together. Decide on a place or location.
  • Virgo - Others appreciate your kind words or extra efforts. You can be the strength in the unit.
  • Libra - Travel (near or far) has an influence on present plans. Cut costs or share some expenses.
  • Scorpio - You have more influence than others are aware of. Pull strings behind the scenes.
  • Sagittarius - Take control in mate or partnership matters. Use your charm and persuasive words.
  • Capricorn - You become more aware of your power behind closed doors. Take a strong stand.
  • Aquarius - Influential connections affect your hopes and wishes, enhancing status or reputation.
  • Pisces - You decide where people or projects end up. Don't let emotions cloud your judgement.

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