Horoscope: September 23 - 29

Emotions cloud personal standing or reputation for some; avoid outbursts or stretching the truth too far - no one is really buying it. Some of this is driven by impatience and intolerance, testing authority. Control issues reach intense levels; think before reacting. A break for freedom will have its challenges. Listen to those who are wise with a good track record - follow their advice. Make balanced decisions by weighing the odds against the known and the unknown. Manage pressure bit by bit. Relationships may break by Saturday's full moon. Keep the peace or move. Arrests likely.

  • Aries - Power plays destabilize relationships. Decide if you will stay and negotiate or move on.
  • Taurus - Deal with unexpected situations or circumstances involving yourself or those close.
  • Gemini - Get confirmation of support before you take any risks. Other's behavior is unreliable.
  • Cancer - Home or base of operations is is focus. Make moves that give you security or savings.
  • Leo - Travel plans need alteration due to unforeseen situations. Follow different routes etc.
  • Virgo - Discuss the fine points of a relationship. Blend egos with practical actions to benefit.
  • Libra - Taking a more independent stand could lead to paperwork for one or both sides now.
  • Scorpio - Go the extra mile to make sure things are complete. Health or work issues in focus.
  • Sagittarius - Deal with the unexpected in creative ways. Use influential leverage if it is offered.
  • Capricorn - Negotiations give you alternate opportunities. Look at the long term prospects.
  • Aquarius - Sudden news or information may require travel. Decide if you go or they come here.
  • Pisces - Collect on what is owed or make a new arrangement that works for you and for them.

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