Horoscope: September 2 - 8

The urge to be free is a strong motivation on domestic or global levels. Make sure it is planned properly and not just a "knee-jerk" reaction as that would make matters worse. Take survival issues into consideration, as there is some risk. Unite with those of like mind and it becomes a commanding force. Investigations or research enhance positions. Communications are interrupted, ignored or dropped causing annoyance. Stay the course. Expectations are high. Promises are more than can be delivered; talk is cheap. Pay attention to details or the fine print for results.

  • Aries - Power plays are needed to motivate others to produce. Prepare to control or back it up.
  • Taurus - Hold the line until you have the opportunity to advance. Make deals in private for now.
  • Gemini - Decisions to move may cost more than expected. Weigh your options for convenience.
  • Cancer - Rely on the advice of those in positions of authority or influence. They will help you.
  • Leo - Lend only half an ear to promotions or inflated promises. Repair or replace what you must.
  • Virgo - Keep your dignity no matter what others say or do. You have earned your position well.
  • Libra - Plan to get away or have a change of venue. Special negotiations need some more time.
  • Scorpio - You have control of things no matter how it looks to others. Your wishes are done.
  • Sagittarius - Covert or secret information is key to the turn of events. Focus on your status now.
  • Capricorn - Connect with power people over distance, they can be helpful to your future plans.
  • Aquarius - The stand you take will have an effect on events or finances. Look at past situations.
  • Pisces - Call in favours or other support. The plans you lay out are the right ones all round.

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