Horoscope: Aug 26 - Sept 1

Vacations are more romantic or idyllic - watch overindulging to enjoy it fully. Those seeking more intimacy are likely to find it; senses are heightened. Some desire to experience a fantasy, so pick an appropriate place. Emotions are intense. Handle secrets discreetly. Avoid life-changing decisions on a whim. Practical plans gain favor midweek. Follow the leadership of a powerful, dignified person who will encourage cooperation and organization. Ignore attention seekers. Use words as a tool to bridge troubled waters. The second full moon or (blue moon) occurs Friday.

  • Aries - Pull strings or give ultimatums behind the scenes. It affects others - business or personal.
  • Taurus - Handle matters over distance. Discuss details privately to avoid interference or upsets.
  • Gemini - Decide what is most important - relationships or career. It will affect home or locations.
  • Cancer - Long distance communications are key in a power play. Information gives you the edge.
  • Leo - Firm negotiations allow you to advance your ambitions. Others step aside for you now.
  • Virgo - Make your needs known to the right people and you can easily sail past those who object.
  • Libra - Back room deals work best if kept between key players. You know what is needed now.
  • Scorpio - Your natural leadership qualities make you the front runner on any level. Enjoy perks.
  • Sagittarius - Private meetings affect status or finances. Others acknowledge your importance.
  • Capricorn - Make a decision or take a stand. Contact with authorities or VIPS affect outcome.
  • Aquarius - You benefit from the finances or assets of others. The support you need is there.
  • Pisces - Decide who will take the lead in personal or business matters. Negotiate structures.

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