Horoscope: August 12 - 18

Pick a direction or shift gears to get things moving. Any action is better than none as long as its positive or productive; don't over think the situation. Others offer advice, but it is limited by their own experience, so not reliable. Use a slow, smooth approach; feel it out. Avoid controllers and power plays as it could affect reputation. The hammer comes down for some - at home or abroad as their behavior will not be tolerated. Strong, individuals demonstrate their leadership abilities, giving others hope or reassurance. The new moon is Friday. Pool ideas for best results.

  • Aries - Think on your feet as you adapt to changing circumstances. Play by the rules - loosely.
  • Taurus - Restrictions are frustrating and may affect health of you or loved ones. Take it easy.
  • Gemini - Skirt around information or do damage control. A new approach works best for now.
  • Cancer - Charm works to counteract those who work against you. Face home or family issues.
  • Leo -  You seek changes under the new moon. Consider all angles before taking any chances.
  • Virgo - A conservative approach now will save you more money down the road. Needs evolve.
  • Libra - Share the credit with power people and they will give you some too. Its a different game.
  • Scorpio - Behind the scenes matters affect events temporarily. Health of you or others in focus.
  • Sagittarius - Connections over distance involve important people or authorities. Share info.
  • Capricorn - You can be the one "in charge" even if you don't have a title. Others count on you.
  • Aquarius - Connect with the past or distance under unusual circumstances. Compare notes.
  • Pisces - Tighten the reins until you see how progress will be made. A fresh approach works.

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Heather Zais has been a psychic since birth. She had a vision of her own future at the age of 11 that covered about 20 years of her life.

Heather has been involved in many missing persons cases and has diagnosed illnesses of over 100 people. She has taught and lectured in schools and colleges as well as at an institute in Germany. She has clients around the world. 

She resides in Kelowna, BC and does psychic and astrology readings in person, by phone or e-mail. She also does personal, relationship and past life charts as well as Tarot card, palm and tea reading. Heather is also a remote viewer, medium and dream analyst. Forward dreams to her for interpretation.

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