Horoscope: July 29 - August 4

Decisions need to be made whether to continue on or change course. Power struggles keep both sides captive. A face-saving solution must be found. Covert operations have an influence on the outcome. Domestic or international events are in focus. Some are on the move or break free. Settle anything outstanding to avoid further drama. True relationships will survive or be renewed. Full moon is Wednesday. Respected, intelligent individuals are in focus by Thursday. They have the ability to inspire or give hope to many. Certain behavior is in question. Think before acting.

  • Aries - Change things up a bit for better success. Pull diverse talents together to make it work.
  • Taurus - Luck is attached to home, property or possessions. Revise your plans regarding them.
  • Gemini - Brilliant ideas can become real now. Discuss the importance of locations to launch.
  • Cancer - Private visits lead to other developments that benefit all involved. Take a stand on it.
  • Leo - Others applaud changes you make to yourself or surroundings. You have lots of talent.
  • Virgo - Behind the scenes information is a turning point for you. Make future choices or moves.
  • Libra - A chance call or encounter works to your benefit. Travel if it is required. Others need you.
  • Scorpio - You gain from the assets or finances of others. It affects your home, career or status.
  • Sagittarius - Favourable reviews near or far give you an optimistic boost. Join with others to gain.
  • Capricorn - Others like your dependable nature and have others plans for you. Be open to them.
  • Aquarius - The full moon in your sign increases the focus on your personal direction or travel.
  • Pisces - You persuade others to your way of thinking. The end results will benefit all involved.

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