Horoscope: July 22 - 28

Intense situations increase the power of words or actions. Firm up plans or ideas and get needed funding in place. Settle on a path to follow. Make use of what is already there; avoid wasteful actions. Launch promotions Tuesday under agreeable planetary influences, as there is a feeling of optimism in the air. Blend with the scene and be willing to share the credit or benefits. News near or far prompts some to put in "personal" appearances or travel. Buy, sell or trade by the weekend. There is cause to celebrate - some will be or feel like winners. Enjoy special relationships.

  • Aries - Alter your position or line of "attack"; others are not sure what you really want from them.
  • Taurus - Follow the rules even if you know what the end result will be. Proper protocol works.
  • Gemini - Check the facts before acting on a "hot tip". Other's intuition or advice is not on target.
  • Cancer - State your position regarding homes, properties or family issues. Do the paperwork.
  • Leo - You have knowledge or expertise that others want. See what kind of deal you can make.
  • Virgo - Behind the scenes negotiations work for you if you have the patience for the details.
  • Libra - Decide how much responsibility you can take on. You won't be able to count on helpers.
  • Scorpio - Put the past behind you. Pay attention to health or work situations - yours or other's.
  • Sagittarius - News over distance relates to those not seen or heard from in awhile. Connect.
  • Capricorn - Older people or authority figures have some influence on you. Negotiate if needed.
  • Aquarius - Serious matters need your attention. Deal with the unexpected or over distance.
  • Pisces - Timing is important to outcomes. Make sure you have some control over it or events.

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