Horoscope: February 5 - 11

Start the week off cleaning and making repairs as there will be other demands later on. See which way the wind is blowing Monday before taking a stand at work; there are other priorities. Replace equipment or communication devices that can't keep up. Announcements clarify objectives; get everyone on the same page. Finalize leadership roles under the full moon on Tuesday. Celebrate with an enjoyable gathering midweek as some pressure is off. Those not happy with the outcome should take time off to adjust emotionally. Seek new or refreshing relationships - all ages.

  • Aries - You announce changes that peak the interest of others. Take a hands on approach to it.
  • Taurus - Behind the scenes arrangements work in your favor. Status or position will be affected.
  • Gemini - Others bring luck to you now and your plans can move forward - near or far. Advance.
  • Cancer - A new deal is discussed regarding joint finances or assets. Seek what is fair for all.
  • Leo - Emotions run high under the full moon in your sign. Plan trips or celebration together.
  • Virgo - A focus behind the scenes brings forward important information. You can relax about it.
  • Libra - Sudden relationship decisions catch others by surprise. A wish can come true for you.
  • Scorpio - Changes have a positive effect on your position or status. Others look up to you now.
  • Sagittarius - Your popularity grows near or far. Your words empower them, returning luck to you.
  • Capricorn - Others help you in diverse ways. You have choice with income or locations. Good.
  • Aquarius - You are inspiring and others want to be with you. There can be some financial gains.
  • Pisces - Your magnetic charm attracts what you need now. You gain in diverse ways. Negotiate.

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