Horoscope: December 25 - 31

Comforting words are appreciated and help ease anxieties. Let things slide for a few days and play catch-up later; it all comes out in the wash. Enjoy time off. Jupiter moves forward bringing hope as the year comes to a close. Relationships improve or come together in positive ways - keep expectations low. Lay out schedules by midweek. Handle surprises in a lighthearted manner. Have an alternate plan ready; it saves wear and tear on the nerves. Important decisions are made by Thursday, firm them up. Take extra time to move if it can not be postponed.

  • Aries - You are passionate about your goals and ambitions. Solidify any influential support.
  • Taurus - Others show their appreciation of your knowledge or talents. Confidence is rising.
  • Gemini - Financial gains require some wheeling and dealing. You are a natural at that. Sign.
  • Cancer - Mate or partner has a strong influence on your status or security. Negotiate the terms.
  • Leo - Plans can grow into a major project. Wait for others to show their interest before starting.
  • Virgo - Relationships intensify. This is positive or negative depending on the issues involved.
  • Libra - If you can't have the control you want then you need to let go and move on - it's time.
  • Scorpio - Important events affect home or property matters as well. Decide on the best location.
  • Sagittarius - A financial boost adds power to your ambitions. You advance through contacts.
  • Capricorn - Your leadership qualities are admired. This gives others a sense of security now.
  • Aquarius - Pull strings behind the scenes. Meet with others in private. Relationships intensify.
  • Pisces - Make use of important connections in a way that is a win-win situation all round.

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