Horoscope: Nov 27 - Dec 3

The week begins on a high note as Venus and Jupiter are in harmony. Expect good fortune, better business and influential support. Network or sell with ease. Make important or powerful decisions Monday. Positions of leadership are solidified. Dignity with proper force gains respect. Questions need answers by midweek - solve problems. Intense feelings affect relationships or agreements. If not satisfied with the outcome, then don't flog a dead horse - move on.  Love connections become more passionate for some. Plan weddings or other grand displays. A battle of wills concludes Friday. Negotiate a truce or seek freedom.

  • Aries - Special connections and promotions are good for business. Ride the current wave.
  • Taurus - Luck is attached to distance or the past. Negotiate to regain investments or regroup.
  • Gemini - Funding or support comes from others but they need to be reassured of their gains.
  • Cancer - There are benefits for you in mate or partnership matters. Keep some details private.
  • Leo - Keep ego's in line when organizing the "pecking" order. Everyone has their own place.
  • Virgo - Review locations or base of operations. It will affect how plans and projects proceed.
  • Libra - Passions grow in cozy environments. Keep some details to yourself to avoid problems.
  • Scorpio - Attend special gatherings or celebrations. Avoid going over budget if contributing.
  • Sagittarius - Finances get a boost. Don't let it affect the way you do things. Be a leader now.
  • Capricorn - Your magnetism is high and others are attracted to you. Watch for control issues.
  • Aquarius - Your power behind the scenes is enhanced through influential connections now.
  • Pisces - Your sense of timing will impact how your hopes and wishes unfold. Be negotiable.
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