Horoscope: November 13 - 19

Power struggles are more secretive in nature. Rug pulling goes on behind the scenes; watch those toothy grins. Positions shift Monday, so wait for the "official" word or action regarding them. You don't want to side with the wrong one. Plans are in forward motion by midweek. Much energy is put into progressive action or catch-up. Timing, discipline and efficiency are all required for best results. Take independent action if it moves things along. Divide duties among those best able to handle them; stay out of each other's way. Do overtime if needed - then relax.

  • Aries - Join forces with familiar associates. You know what they are capable of doing for you.
  • Taurus - Convert assets to cash where possible. You feel more optimistic about the future now.
  • Gemini - Sweet talk enhances relationships. Plans are made to live together or get married.
  • Cancer - Legal papers are helpful with delayed matters or where you seek settlement. Sign.
  • Leo - Make use of past locations if it will suit your plans. It adds a sense of security you need.
  • Virgo - Check ahead on travel plans. Events connected to it may be time sensitive or over.
  • Libra - Pull rank in a charming way for best effect. Others will be happy to step aside for you.
  • Scorpio - Negotiate better terms. Others will settle up or pay you what you are really worth.
  • Sagittarius - Take on a leadership role. Others feel comfortable with the way you do things.
  • Capricorn - Your stability and security increases as your personal direction becomes clearer.
  • Aquarius - Important or well - connected associates speak well of you. Enjoy gifts or perks.
  • Pisces - Those in positions of authority agree with you on major points and will back you up.
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