Horoscope: Oct 30 - Nov 5

A gentle approach is calming and allows for better production and results on many levels; respect grows. Plans to expand or reach more distant markets are favourable now. A  low key manner sparks the interest of those who don't like to be pressured. Bring unrealistic expectations to the ground. Call on game-players to show their hand or produce accurate data. Relationships or events will be more interesting and exciting by Thursday. Spontaneous actions become a leap of faith. High expectations lead to over indulgence by the weekend (party time). Sleep it off before making important decisions or signing anything.

  • Aries - You remain optimistic even though situations need more funding or security. Persist.
  • Taurus - Back room deals can work if you keep important details between a select few. Wait.
  • Gemini - Make use of tips or inside information. Unexpected support comes from others now.
  • Cancer - A  lot goes on behind the scenes. The way you maneuver will be a surprise to others.
  • Leo - Sudden moves or change of base of operations works out for you. Travel if it's needed.
  • Virgo - Confidential information comes out where it can be dealt with. Circumstances change.
  • Libra - Working out a financial arrangement benefits all involved, bringing a sense of relief.
  • Scorpio - Your words or statements catch others off guard. Your position or power is altered.
  • Sagittarius - Pull strings behind the scenes. Others see how you are trying to help them now.
  • Capricorn - Hold the line as others count on you more than you think. Hob-nob with VIP's.
  • Aquarius - The spotlight is put on you so have something prepared. Your charm is magnetic.
  • Pisces - Make sure you know where everything is before going forward. Security is needed.
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