Horoscope: October 23 - 29

Stubborn refusal to "obey" becomes a power struggle. Confrontations get out of control - plan an escape route ahead of time to avoid volatile personalities. Those in official positions have the upper hand for now. Careful negotiations will be needed to settle things. Re-assess investments that fluctuate. Take care of electrical and communication problems. Start fresh Wednesday under the new moon in Scorpio - passions are intensified (pos. or neg.) Control jealousy. A logical strategy works well. Some are cut off or fired. A progressive plan is better, bringing long term benefits to ambitious efforts. Build or renovate.

  • Aries - Your position is strong no matter how things are shuffled behind the scenes. Be calm.
  • Taurus - Mate of partner affects your plans. Make sure you are both on the same page to gain.
  • Gemini - Health or work issues are in focus. The past has something to do with the present.
  • Cancer - You seek settlement or resolution in personal matters. Don't let it upset you too much.
  • Leo - Location becomes an issue for you or those who affect you. Make a choice or forget it.
  • Virgo - Power plays grow more intense. Get your point across in a mature way. It works out.
  • Libra - Don't split hairs financially. Make your best deal and move forward - ahead of others.
  • Scorpio - A new or enhanced position works wonders for your status. Leadership skills shine.
  • Sagittarius - Your power behind the scenes is strong - negotiate terms as others need you.
  • Capricorn - Hopes and wishes get help from influential or important people who back you.
  • Aquarius - Stay strong no matter what others say or do. They are just jealous or negative.
  • Pisces - Be ready to travel if circumstances require it. You have expertise others count on.
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