Horoscope: October 16 - 22

Powerful communications influence events. Seek an area of compromise to avoid escalating emotions. There is a tendency for some to go overboard or expect too much. Try a different approach. Those seeking public recognition or "votes" will make themselves heard. Read between the lines and watch body language. Some exaggerations will get a humorous reaction or be made fun of. Keep things light in social gatherings. Promotions need to be thoughtful and softly entertaining so as not to ruffle any feathers; avoid heavy financial focus. Be prepared to face some nervous activity that raises doubts.

  • Aries - Seek information or evidence about the past and those associated. Status has changed.
  • Taurus - Balance is key in all areas now. Keep emotional reactions to a minimum. It works out.
  • Gemini - You have more influence than you think. Let events unfold in a natural way - it's good.
  • Cancer - Negotiate terms that will affect your financial future. Others try to play games with you.
  • Leo - Your talents to persuade or promote are in high gear. Status or residence is affected.
  • Virgo - Investigate or dig for information. Some of this could connect to distance or travel plans.
  • Libra - Those of influence or power are helpful to you now. You gain favours or opportunities.
  • Scorpio - Your ability to control or lead increases. Others are willing to support you with this.
  • Sagittarius - Your words or presentation are accepted by many and influence how to proceed.
  • Capricorn - Negotiate terms more to your liking. This will benefit your finances and position.
  • Aquarius - Others are attracted to your mystical or mellow approach. You're a natural leader.
  • Pisces - Much goes on over distance. There will be ultimate benefits for you and loved ones.

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