Horoscope: October 9 - 15

Listen to all points of view before deciding which way to proceed; there are many things to be considered. Relax and take it easy before getting into the work week. Handle the unexpected or missed communications. This affects the stability of some relationships - timing is an issue. The full moon in Aries causes independent actions or splits; agreements are sensitive. Creative or inspired ideas should be considered - rely on intuition. Love intensifies Thursday - give it a chance. Much can be made up for; weigh the cost. Mature, responsibility is appreciated. Finances improve as well.

  • Aries - Have a back-up plan financially. Convert or draw on past resources and connections.
  • Taurus - Others look to you for security and stability. Your plans and approach are appreciated.
  • Gemini - Take a serious look at relationships. Make sure your expectations match the reality.
  • Cancer - Financial security is priority with home or property matters. Review all documents.
  • Leo - Others are interested in your ideas or cost-cutting measures. Your status is growing.
  • Virgo - Your patience pays off. Avoiding confrontation allows situations to resolve or change.
  • Libra - Relationships are in focus under the full moon. Settle any outstanding issues or deals.
  • Scorpio - Resist other's attempts to get information that is none of their business. It will pass.
  • Sagittarius - Your intuition is strong and affects the direction events will take. It's rewarding.
  • Capricorn - Your status is good and you are included in the inner circle. Enjoy the favours.
  • Aquarius - Luck is attached to locations. Private arrangements provide good opportunities.
  • Pisces - Balance is key to everything now. Work out the details so all involved are happy.

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