Horoscope: September 18 - 24

Put well organized plans in motion as the week begins. Consider all the facts when making any judgements or decisions as there won't be any going back; don't leave room for regrets. Those who pay a price for their freedom will feel that it was worth it. This can relate to domestic matters or political ones. Speeches tend to be more icing than cake, so take if for what it's worth. A turning point is reached Thursday. Emotions are stirred Friday causing some to act impulsively. Allow extra time for moves or travel as changes are likely.

  • Aries - You may have to wing it as those you counted on change their minds. Move forward.
  • Taurus - Handle the unexpected as best you can. Re-group or seek support from others now.
  • Gemini - Compare notes or correct wording as this will influence how events unfold or turn.
  • Cancer - Certain conditions will have an affect on finances. Check assets or property values.
  • Leo - Locations or base of operations need careful consideration as it will affect finances.
  • Virgo - Give out information only on a need to know basis. Work on securing your position.
  • Libra - Sell what you can or break out of confining circumstances. Increase independence.
  • Scorpio - Careful planning will improve your circumstances and make you feel more secure.
  • Sagittarius - Take a second look at "opportunities" connected to others - it's not what it seems.
  • Capricorn - Negotiate duties or responsibilities if it gets you the position you want. It helps.
  • Aquarius - Discuss financial matters over distance. Certain arrangements come together.
  • Pisces - Deals with others work best when the past is settled. Mate or partner accepts it.

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