Horoscope: September 11 - 17

Check communications for confirmation or that correct information was received; follow up on those "gut" feelings. Get together in a group or meeting. A lot of data needs to be put in proper order to have the desired effect. Make sure the numbers and facts add up. Imagination runs wild under the full moon in Pisces ( the sign of acting ). There are those just looking for action or love - don't be used. Presentations or publications have an optimistic note; there are more fortunate circumstances developing. See which way the wind is blowing before investing or providing funding.

  • Aries - The full moon intensifies confidential matters. Your sense of timing must be on target.
  • Taurus - Unusual circumstances affect finances. Take care of any necessary documents. Deal.
  • Gemini - Associates can be a source of romance. Make sure you are on the same page now.
  • Cancer - Those in key or important positions are helpful to you. Take action on their advice.
  • Leo - Your status or position is enhanced in unexpected ways. Personal support is strong.
  • Virgo - Relationships are strengthened - near or far. The past is part of the new situation.
  • Libra - Circumstances change and you feel freer. Status of yourself or others affects outcome.
  • Scorpio - Your words carry weight as others see the wisdom of your plans and join with you.
  • Sagittarius - Your income potential rises along with your status. Reward or applause is nice.
  • Capricorn - Plans relating to distance are developing nicely. Make decisions about locations.
  • Aquarius - You benefit from other's money or assets. Agreements are arrived at quickly. Sign.
  • Pisces - Mate or partnership ambitions evolve. Plan for the long term and both will benefit.

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