In 2011 the year of the Rabbit starts on February 3rd at sunset.  (Photo: Flickr user, ontask)
In 2011 the year of the Rabbit starts on February 3rd at sunset. (Photo: Flickr user, ontask)

The Year 2011

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When 2011 is added together it becomes 13 and then reduced to a 4. The energies of these number and the animals that rule the year will be felt in different ways. In the Chinese calendar it is the year (4709) as their culture is a lot older. Their years start at different times depending on the new moon. In 2011 the year of the Rabbit starts on February 3rd at sunset following the first new moon after the sun leaves Capricorn and enters Aquarius as it occurs in China.

  • Colors for the year are greens and blues (emeralds and blue stones).

  • It will be a more temperate year. Focus on economy - personal or global.

  • 13 - 4 = 13 associates to the phoenix rising from the ashes of death and devastation by fire or other forces or nature or man made. Sink holes.

  • The upside of the number is an ending to prevailing conditions. I'm sure there are many who would be happy to see that. This cycle is a period of passings, closure and transition globally.

  • Destruction brings renewal and rebirth on many levels. Some headway will be made out of the drag of the recession and the affects of the ferocious tiger year. Leave behind what you must and move forward. Practical action gets best results. Get busy.

  • 4 is associated to ground level and the basics of life: food, shelter and the necessities of day to day. An eye on the poverty line and affordable housing. A focus on area and retirees.

  • Get debt under control and avoid taking on more. Claw your way forward. Cash will be more popular.

  • The influence of the Rabbit and (cat) will add a lucky feel to the year. There will be great wins for some. Many will rely on their good luck charms: 4 leaf clover, dice, rabbits feet, black cats and Friday the 13th. Casino's will be busy. Play a hunch. Look down the rabbit hole. Some come out of holes or caves where they have been hiding or lost.

  • There will be a softer touch in many areas - home or abroad. Those with diplomatic talents will be recruited to smooth things over from last year. It will be a recovery year at a moderate pace. Soft, persuasive words have power to affect many.

  • More of us will take time out to smell the roses (or grow prize ones). Sit around more and enjoy yourself and the company of others. There will be many parties, gatherings and ceremonies with great pomp and luxurious displays or accommodations. An example of this will be the royal wedding of Kate and William. There may be others as well. This will uplifting for many on an international level. Receptions of all types are favored. Good taste and finery everywhere. Avoid over indulgence or waste. This is seen as low class or bad taste in the eyes of the cat. Seek calm and quiet - but don't be lazy.

  • There will be some world-wide changes. An intellectual year, with an increase in those seeking to further their education. Develop talents or abilities. A focus on artists, writers and all creative types.

  • Some laws relaxed, back-tracked or harder to enforce. Heightened justice for those deserving (reward or punishment). The cat gets the mouse (or rat).

  • Ambitious efforts bear fruit. Build or re-build on firm foundations. Get involved with organizations. Smarter engineering is showcased. Building heights get the green light even though there will be other restrictions.

  • Those with a cool head and eye for business will prosper.

  • 4 associates to Saturn and the taskmaster - so dig in (or up). Pull your weight. More interest in farms, land and production. Grain in focus, as well as construction, manufacturing and commercial endeavors. Mining increases with renewed interest in coal and all metals.

  • Put away for the future. Conserve where possible. Plan long term security.

  • Water is in focus - new or renewable sources. Some places will have too much - others not enough, so do your best to prevent fires. Be better prepared for other ones coming with some of the earth changes that will occur.

  • Some #4 places in the spotlight will be: Vancouver, Calgary, Emerald Isle and Greenland.

  • Diets will lean more toward greens (ie: rabbit food).

  • Examples of other #4s in the news: CIA, Bay St. Golf, Woods, trees, Rail, Skis, Holes, KISS, West, Stars, Fathers, Polio, TB, Pools, Bunnies (human or animal). Alcan, ALR - Land laws.

    (Note) - The world will not end in 2012. I will write more about that later....

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