Horoscope: April 21-27


Saying something nice elevates the mood of those around you, leading to plans to get together later or dine out.

Ease tense situations by discussing priorities; put other matters aside for now.

Changes or surprises are refreshing. Lighten the load of responsibility this week or let someone cover your shift.

As long as the basics are covered it all works out in the end. Some are going through soul searching to settle on what is really important to them.

Avoid fighting an uphill battle if it does not feel natural. It just means you belong in a different place or situation.

Job shadow in areas of interest or where you are being trained.

Accept change.

ARIES: You are very lucky this week, so look for areas of easy advantage, personally or financially, etc. 

TAURUS: Come from behind to gain ground or a better position. Independent action is your strength.

GEMINI: Your ability at double speak is uncanny. Others listen to the way you explain or turn a phrase.

CANCER: You are a driving force to get to the bottom of secret or private matters affecting your status. 

LEO: Make plans to get away or move. Keep it to yourself until set to avoid interference. Look around.

VIRGO: Stick to the basics to get what you want. It has to be easy for others to accept or arrange this.

LIBRA: Check with others to see who all stand by you when you need it most. This works both ways.

SCORPIO: Others see you as a naturally dominant leader even if you don’t have an official title. It fits. 

SAGITTARIUS: Your generous mood overlooks others issues or comments. Play to win in all areas. 

CAPRICORN: Arrangements connect to work or what you will be doing either long term or temporarily. 

AQUARIUS: Sudden or unusual circumstances or conditions benefit negotiations to your advantage.

PISCES: Those close like what they see and want to get in on the action to take plans much further.

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