Horoscope: April 14-20


The sun and Jupiter in harmony with each other creates a more optimistic air and generosity in those not normally like this.

Promote on a grand or wider scale to an accepting audience. Those with money to invest are interested in what this could mean for them. Some pool their resources for a bigger slice of the pie.

Be willing to work within a time frame. Other matters are tossed around back and forth to find interested parties.

Discuss details one on one as face to face is best for reading each others intent. There are different levels of expectation.

Relationships are in a delicate balance under the full moon on Friday. Don’t push buttons.

ARIES: Wheel and deal over distance or connected to associates from the past. They are interested. 

TAURUS: Unlock funds or assets to move things in a more profitable direction for yourself or others.

GEMINI: Those in positions of power give you advice that helps handle a delicate relationship matter.

CANCER: You strive to secure a promotion or better situation. Show others the value you can bring.

LEO: Don’t waste time with nit-picky people. They are set in there ways so let them stay over there.

VIRGO: You are more secure than you realize in the larger scheme of things. Situations will evolve. 

LIBRA: The full moon in your sign urges you to make choices personally or in business. Weigh odds.

SCORPIO: You love secrets and there are many to handle this week. Select what needs releasing.

SAGITTARIUS: You shine on the job bringing a boost to your income and credibility. Stay the course. 

CAPRICORN: Meet with others in private to lay out a plan going forward. It can be win-win for all.

AQUARIUS: Important people are in touch over distance. They are interested in your information. 

PISCES: Play your cards a few at a time as there is some jockeying for position. Secure each step.

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