Horoscope: April 7-13


Compare information and strategy as the work week begins.

There needs to be some discussion about each person's responsibilities; reach an agreement. This stalls those trying to get in the way.

Speeches on unity will be inspiring. Disrupters need to step back and regroup to see where they would be most effective.

Private financial deals are made to buy some time. Keep personal relationships out of this for now; it's just business. Secrets should be kept in the shadows awhile longer.

Careful power plays cause a shift in who holds the reins. Place your loyalty carefully for the long game. Benefits can be shared when co-operation is gained.

ARIES: Secure your base or backing before taking a risk or putting your reputation on the line. Wait.

TAURUS: Serious matters over distance may require you to travel or send someone in your place.

GEMINI: Take a stronger stand on your agenda catching others off guard. Dialogue will be limited.

CANCER: Work around rules or powerful individuals who try to stall or block what you are doing.

LEO: Handle a challenge to your authority by ignoring childish behaviour. Share some treats, etc. 

VIRGO: Soft peddle relationship demands as the situation is temporary. Hold your position quietly. 

LIBRA: Let residential matters settle before investing in renos or moves. Make prudent choices.

SCORPIO: Drill down in a solid, commanding way. You have the power to overrule at home or work.

SAGITTARIUS: You have some influence over residential matters affecting others. Give out advice. 

CAPRICORN: Your sense of duty and solidarity makes others feel secure. Negotiate for benefits.

AQUARIUS: Private relationships reach a new level of solidarity. Plan where things are headed. 

PISCES: Your luck increases as others come on board with you. Explain what’s in it for everyone.

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