Horoscope: Feb.17-23


Look at the softer, spiritual side of things, especially when dealing with others. There needs to be a feeling of hope; discuss concerns.

Be prepared to make changes or strike out on an independent path. Some relationships need a checkup. Consider endings while others can continue with a new level of clarity.

Discuss commitments going forward. Get on the same page by the full moon Tuesday. Intensity dissipates after that.

Wise counsel is helpful with verbal or written wording. Settle up Friday the 22nd. Scale back expectations.

Plan romantic time together in a cozy or secluded environment. Discuss deep or important matter. Hug it out.

ARIES: Clarify matters that would have a direct influence on your reputation, career or status now. 

TAURUS: You do your best to convince others of your larger agenda. Discuss any mutual benefits. 

GEMINI: Those who are involved with you behind the scenes become more public. Handle carefully.

CANCER: Negotiations are stepped up. Work or career status changes along with those in charge.

LEO: Others step back as they see you as a key player on all levels. Take time to meet with them. 

VIRGO: Those in positions of influence help you get what you want on make reliable connections.

LIBRA: Improve surroundings at home or in the office. Pull rank and get others on board with you. 

SCORPIO: You can be the toast of the town. A smaller venue works depending on requirements. 

SAGITTARIUS: Wheel and deal in ways that benefit you and those involved. This balances out. 

CAPRICORN: You are praised or flattered for your take-charge attitude and sense of duty now. 

AQUARIUS: Relationships intensify behind the scenes. Others declare their feelings about you. 

PISCES: Personal needs and those of others get sorted out under the Tuesday full moon influence. 

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