Horoscope: Feb. 3-10


Wise advice or inspirational words put a spring in the step of those seeking renewed hope.

The new moon paves the way for the beginning of the Year of the Pig.

Lay out refreshing, progressive plans that will get the green light. An increased concern for global welfare can unite those not usually interested in this.

Those playing with accounting will be challenged so have everything in order. Check hidden information or receipts for suppressed evidence.

Strings are pulled behind the scenes by someone with clout.

International groups join forces to stand by rightful leaders. Use military force where needed if negotiations break down over this.

ARIES: Careful navigation of circumstance will help to position you in a more suitable place. It works.

TAURUS: Your influence expands and requires you to travel to get together in person. Dress for this. 

GEMINI: Separate matters into different categories as they have individual time constraints. Delegate. 

CANCER: Job or career luck is aided by those who know your worth. Discuss duties or responsibilities. 

LEO: New or renewed relationship ties can energize your expectations, personally or in your career. 

VIRGO: Others support your efforts and encourage you further with your goals. Continue on the path.

LIBRA: Lucky breaks give you the opportunity to change things up or make a move. Upgrade now. 

SCORPIO: Others reunite or stand by you. Celebrations or happy events bring about positive change. 

SAGITTARIUS: Display your teaching or leadership qualities in any media. They want your knowledge.

CAPRICORN: You look and feel better as things unfold more to your liking. New or renewed income. 

AQUARIUS: The new moon in your sign puts the spotlight on you. Step forward or strut your stuff now. 

PISCES: Others praise or gift you. Smile on the inside knowing you have the winning play all round. 

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