Horoscope: May 6-12


Hopes are high by those looking through rose-coloured glasses with unrealistic expectations about their own status or relationships.

See people as they really are to save a lot or re-organization along the way.

Backtracking can get expensive if you were too far in at the beginning. Always get the facts up front as talk is cheap.

Sort out some funding issues on either side. Handle matters or a personal or business nature over distance and decide who will be travelling.

Stubborn egos need to settle down and let those with the right rank or knowledge take the lead. Some get fired up or resign from frustration; it’s for the best.

Work around limitations until you find your footing or right path.

ARIES: Power struggles lead to a shift in the pecking order by choice or not. Decide what you really want. 

TAURUS: Pull resources together behind the scenes as there are some things you can’t do alone. Share.

GEMINI: Closed-door meetings could become a battle or egos. Consult the facts or rules to settle all this. 

CANCER: You will need leverage to get what you want. Meet with those on the inside track or in control.

LEO: Take a time out or look at other places or locations. You are at an intersection, changes will follow.

VIRGO: There are important matters to discuss over finances before relationships get more involved.

LIBRA: Make sure you are clear about your long-term ambitions. Reach agreements or sign things now. 

SCORPIO: Those who are on your side wish to remain anonymous for now, but it allows for relaxation. 

SAGITTARIUS: Avoid jumping into anything financial, especially on someone else’s behalf. It plays out. 

CAPRICORN: Make decisions based on what is needed for yourself or those who are counting on you. 

AQUARIUS: Intense talks or communications involve confidential or secret matters. Compare some info. 

PISCES: Your reach goes beyond the limits set by others. You have ways to manoeuvre around all this. 

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