Horoscope: Nov. 19-25


Control issues escalate with some getting dealt with, ready or not. Avoid those who like to stir things up. Be extra safety conscious.

The reins can be placed in different hands one way or the other, domestically or internationally. Emotions intensify and sweep events along in uncontrolled ways; stay out of the line of fire.

Light shines on secret or covert activity; those responsible will be pointed out.

Reach settlements if this is required. Like minds band together and there is strength in numbers. Silence is best until background information is confirmed.

Sudden shifts of focus cause some to travel or move. There needs to be a clearing or ending now.

ARIES: Turn back the clock by contacting past associates or relatives. Travel or arrange some moves.

TAURUS: Messages or news makes you alter some plans to accommodate what must be done now.

GEMINI: Align with those in authority or who have the influence to move things in desired directions.

CANCER: Take a different approach to get what you want. Those you counted on can’t follow through.

LEO: Size up others or the situation before you make your move. There is other information to view.

VIRGO: Actions by choice or not in any case can not be avoided even if the process takes more time.

LIBRA: Don’t overshoot the mark by words or deeds. Decisions will have some long-term affects.

SCORPIO: Covert activity involves you or those around you. This can also include medical matters.

SAGITTARIUS: Take charge or pull rank if situations require it. Join forces with powerful individuals.

CAPRICORN: Others want you to take charge or act as leader even if its temporary. You do the job.

AQUARIUS: Be informed about locations before planning to travel, conditions are unexpected now.

PISCES: Prove your point or take a stand on whatever level is required. Lift the veil over illusion.

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