Horoscope: Oct. 29-Nov. 4

Overview of all signs:

Pick the right place or conditions if you want to get things off your chest as others may not be in a receptive mood.

Keep your eyes on the road if driving; it's no place to deal with your issues.

Emotions can escalate into distractions as nit-picky things grow legs.

Don’t wait for others to bring the hammer down. Choose.

Look at how things were handled before; it can work again. Leave the scene if it gets dicey.

Calls or messages provide more information. Fall back on calm, supportive relationships, personal or business.

The full moon highlights finances of assets. Imagination leads to speculation as some seek excitement in an illusive way.

Be cautious with your information.

ARIES: Double down on measures to secure your future financially or in other areas. Sort out the details.

TAURUS: Your personal feelings are showing under the influence of the full moon in your sign. Be calm.

GEMINI: Strings pulled behind the scenes have some influence over work, health or reputation. Wait.

CANCER: Expectations need some help from those in key positions who can fulfill them. Chat privately.

LEO: Your optimism shows as you enjoy special or inside favours from those who count. Relax about it.

VIRGO: Plans for the future take shape. There is no need to rush the process while getting there. Chill.

LIBRA: Consider new jobs or income sources. Some private or unusual circumstances are helpful now.

SCORPIO: It’s a favourable time to focus on relationships or what you really want. You do have options.

SAGITTARIUS: Play your cards close to the vest as you have the ability to influence the future of others.

CAPRICORN: Discuss important matters with those in positions of authority or influence. Compromise.

AQUARIUS: You have good luck with position or reputation. Your influence grows, near or far. Rejoice.

PISCES: Make decisions regarding locations for you or others. It involves some private or covert action.

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