Horoscope: July 23-29

Overview for all signs:

The new moon starts the week off on a fresh note in the sign of Leo. 

Personal, love and other heart matters take priority. There will also be those seeking the lion's share on some level. Try to be thoughtful about how others will respond to this activity.

A show of generosity can mend fences on more than one level. Let things go if they don’t matter that much. Discuss future plans for being together on not; adjust commitment to suit the situation.

Those seeking more freedom may find its different than expected. Dominant personalities pull rank. Look at respected individuals to take the lead while avoiding conflict. Close leaks or shore up security to be in a better position.

ARIES: Consider alternate locations if it will be more cost effective for personal or business reasons.

TAURUS: Change tactics in order to get a leg up on things that matter to you. Restructure finances.

GEMINI: Words or opinions will affect relationships on various levels. Deal with endings or closure.

CANCER: Handle matters low key or behind the scenes. There is some sort of adjustment needed.

LEO: The new moon in your sign puts you in a better position to get what you want. Lay out a plan.

VIRGO: Circumstances change and require decisions by you or those looking after your interests.

LIBRA: You end up in the winner's circle even if you did not expect to be there. Others include you.

SCORPIO: Stand firm on your position or past record to elevate you. Others step aside or make way.

SAGITTARIUS: Hold steady with mate or partnership matters. Move things along at your own pace.

CAPRICORN: Others need to know they can rely on you no matter what happens. Stay the course.

AQUARIUS: Connections to the past or forgotten can be a catalyst for change. Compare evidence.

PISCES: Pull strings where you can to navigate around delays or misrepresentation. It all works out.

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