Horoscope: April 16-22

Overview for all signs

Toss around bright ideas that create an air of optimism. The majority want to see things move forward.

Shake hands across the isle, it time for a break. Settle into new or enhanced positions that have been confirmed on some level. Be confident in the choices, at least for now.

Relationships developed in connection to work or business can extend to personal levels with one enhancing the other. Relax into the cloak of responsibility placed on shoulders.

Don’t complain and don’t respond to those who criticize, it will pass. Discuss matters privately. Announcements should be short and sweet. Deals are made and problems solved.

It's time to move on or step aside.

ARIES: Use leverage to take plans or projects in a different direction. Brush aside those who are stuck.

TAURUS: Changed ideas with those involved will influence agreements. Check wording before signing.

GEMINI: Use your natural charm to get results. Being aggressive will only cause delays or cancellations.

CANCER: Sudden opportunities can see you considering alternatives in career or personal areas now.

LEO: Avoid delays by making sure funding is in place. You feel driven toward your goals at this time.

VIRGO: Put the past behind you. Don’t resist change that will be good for you down the road. Relax.

LIBRA: There is only so much you should do beyond the call of duty. Others need to step in to assist.

SCORPIO: Give the reins a tug to get everything back on track. Those who object need a time out.

SAGITTARIUS: Adapt to changing circumstances; wing it if you have to. Cut to the chase with ease.

CAPRICORN: Don’t get caught up in others' problems. Lay out solutions for them to run with solo.

AQUARIUS: Others step back as you demonstrate your abilities or expertise. Follow tried-and-true path.

PISCES: Emotional showdowns make or break the status quo. Check out alternate avenues to go.

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