Horoscope: April 2-8

Overview for all signs

Taking time out allows some to drift in daydreams of prosperity or a better world. The trick is to follow through on that with positive actions.

Be helpful or inspiring; creative juices flow in productive ways while fulfilling usual duties or responsibilities.

Dig deep for extra energy to endure. Avoid pie-in-the-sky ventures or speculation that can take you off course.

Relationships need grounding or bonding to keep them flowing in the right direction; get together. Those not suitable for each other will drift apart.

Ego issues cause some power struggles, personal or business. There are those who like the tension because it is a distraction from what is really going on. Don’t be fooled.

ARIES: Some head butting over how things should be done can influence the pecking order. Discuss it.

TAURUS: You push harder to have your way near or far. You are not ready to let other lead or control.

GEMINI: Sort out who has final say over how to handle touchy situations or negative moodiness now.

CANCER: Seek the support of those who can help you overcome blocks or delays. Locations affected.

LEO: Follow your intuition if you have to make sudden changes of direction or other adjustments. Wait.

VIRGO: Do not go out on any risky limbs this week. There are other influences to consider. Negotiate.

LIBRA: Its time for decisions in personal or business areas. A showdown works as some sort of trigger.

SCORPIO: Information you get from behind the scenes allows you to bring closure where it’s needed.

SAGITTARIUS: Hold steady on the tried and true in all areas. Patience will get you to the finish line.

CAPRICORN: Show your strength in quiet ways. Jump in if emergencies arise or you save the day.

AQUARIUS: Your intuition guides you to better levels of power or control. Navigate emotional waves.

PISCES: When implementing restrictions, lay out a different path to success and expected gains.

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